New Years Goals and Resolutions 2017

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Well, you know what they say:

New Year, New Me.

This year I plan on changing many aspects of my life. I find myself in a constant cycle of complaining and being unhappy with how my life is going. Right now, I’m at home on winter break and when I say I do nothing all day, I mean I do n o t h i n g. This year I hope to set up a bit of a routine and structure to my life to make it more exciting and something worth living. That’s part of the reason why I started this blog! To motivate me to do more. Now, in no particular order:

Resolution 1

I suppose this one is rather boring, but I am determined to floss every single day. I’ve always had a problem being consistent with my flossing, but after a less than stellar visit to my dentist last month, I’m going to start flossing more often.

Resolution 2

My second resolution is to stop using technology before bed. So no more falling asleep to Gilmore Girls every night and no more texting before bed. I’ve already noticed a difference in my sleep quality and how easily I’m able to fall asleep!

Resolution 3

Another very important goal I have is to drink at least a half a gallon of water everyday. Technically, I should be drinking around a gallon everyday, but I have some serious problems with drinking enough water so I figured I’d kind of low ball it to ensure that I’m getting the bare minimum I need for survival. I can tell this one is probably going to be difficult for me.

Resolution 4

Ah, now we get to the slightly more fun goals. I want to start blogging once a week. The main reason I started this blog was to create a bit of a creative outlet for me and also to motivate me to get up, get going, and get out! For right now, I don’t mind using WordPress to host my blog, but if I consistently blog more than once or twice a week for three months, I’m going to move over to another hosting site. I feel like that’s a fun little reward I can give myself!

Resolution 5

Last year, I did not read one single book. Excluding the books that I had to read for my classes, I did not read anything. As a HUGE book nerd, I am so disappointed in myself for letting that get away from me. This year I am hoping to read at least one book per month. I feel like that shouldn’t be too unrealistic with school and everything, but we won’t know until I start classes back up again.

Resolution 6

This one has already proven to be a struggle so far. I really want to start going to the gym, or at least working out, two times per week. So far, I have not been to the gym once. I’m really on a roll here guys.

Resolution 7

This resolution is fairly simple. I’m planning on opening a savings account. Right now, all of my money is in my checking account which just makes it a little too easy to spend. It’ll also be nice to have the money in that account accrue a little interest.

Resolution 8

This final resolution is actually pretty related to #7. This one is to do one of those weekly savings plans. You start off by saving $1 for week 1, $2 for week 2, $3 for week 3, and then keep going from there. I’m not going to start a savings plan until I open up the savings account, but when I do this will be the first thing to happen!

I have a lot of work to do this year! I hope these goals and resolutions turn into habits that stick with me for a very long time. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my progress throughout the year.

Talk to you soon!

xoxo, Molly


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